Cymatic pool

Site specific installation – cymatic pool – 2015

This project focused on the sounds that accompany our everyday lives.
Sounds of ventilation, clicking at the red-lights for the visually impaired, buzzing of machines, or any kind of noise that surrounds us – the constant “soundtrack” of the city. Some can be distractive, some calming.
In any case, our bodies react to them.

I found the sound of vending machines in the school hallways as a perfect example. Creating site specific installation in sunken seating allows students sit and observe this artificial lake inside of a building.
A water-filled pool was connected by contact microphones to the vending machines, and their sound was live-streamed through speakers under the water, which, thanks to laws of cymatics created wave patterns on the water’s surface. As our bodies are mainly constructed of water, we experienced an exaggerated visualization of the responses that are happening inside of us on a daily basis.

By creating, changing, and visualising such an everyday event can bring awareness, as well as some kind of “magic” (or rather science in disguise) into our lives.