什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)?

iStock The efficient use of the Barbell strategy was made possible by the easy availability of data now compared to the past.

The Barbell Strategy
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How Barbell Strategy, mentioned in last year's Economic Survey, was put to work

The Barbell approach helped made it possible to target the vulnerable sections/businesses in a better way, keeping the pandemic's economic toll at much less than what could have been, the survey said.

iStock The efficient use of the Barbell strategy was made possible 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? by the easy availability of data now compared to the past.

In the Economic Survey tabled today, the govt explained how the Barbell Strategy, which found mention in last year's survey, was put to use to cushion the Covid blow on India.

Under this strategy, a combination of safety nets for vulnerable sections and real-time information-based policy adjustment was brought into play to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic, the survey said.

It detailed how the government dumped India's conventional policy approach known as the Waterfall method in favour of the Barbell strategy as Covid spread its tentacles in the country.

The Waterfall approach — a policy mainstay during the Five-year plan era — involves a "detailed, initial assessment" and then making a rigid, upfront plan to tackle a problem. In contrast, under the Barbell method, policy outcomes are assessed rapidly based on real-time information and adjusted incrementally.

In essence, the Barbell strategy, in contrast to the Waterfall one, takes into account a worse possibility initially, and then calibrates the response step by step through a feedback loop.

The Barbell strategy is essentially the same as the widely-used framework known as the Agile Approach. This approach is common in domains like technology development and project management.

The Waterfall method works on the principle that all aspects of a certain problem can be understood at the very beginning — which is why the survey said it was unfit to meet the very unusual, unforeseen exigencies triggered by the pandemic.

The efficient use of the Barbell strategy was also made possible by the easy availability of data now compared to the past, it said.



These data include GST collections, power consumption, mobility indicators, digital payments, satellite photographs, cargo movements, highway toll collections, etc. The availability of these data points aided the government to tailor its responses to the evolving situation "rather than rely on pre-defined responses of a Waterfall framework", said the survey.



The Barbell approach helped made it possible to target 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? the vulnerable sections/businesses in a better way, keeping the pandemic's economic toll at much less than what could have been, it added.

Under this approach, in the past two years, the government was able to utilise a range of High Frequency Indicators (HFIs) — collected by both government and private agencies — that made it possible to monitor the situation constantly and make real-time adjustments in policy, the survey stated.

On monetary policy, while the survey said that while the measures were calibrated to provide a cushion to and support growth, these were also carefully controlled in order to avoid the fallouts of excess liquidity.

The Crypto Barbell Strategy

One of the most profitable market strategies is Taleb's barbell strategy. When you get continuous 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? exposure with bought CALLs and PUTs, you know that at a certain point, you will hit a home run and never need to work again.

It happened in 1987, 1989, 1992, 1992, 1998, 1998, 2000, 2008, and 2020 with the very OTM option buyers. And it will happen again in the future, perhaps when the market 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? least expects it.

The Point-To-Point Entropy In SPX Volatility Is More Like 1987 Than 2008 HEDGEYE ID 3D 50 1M 3M 6M 9M YTD IY 3Y 5Y IOY Max Custom b Nov 1, 2008 open 60.17 High 81.48 LOW 44.25 Close 55.28 Volume Double Click to Place a Limit Order at 55.28 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 Source: StockCharts.com @ Hedgeye Risk Management LLC.

We know that sooner or later, our portfolio will do +1,000%, and it will be right at that time that we will buy all the assets that are cheap at that time and that we want to do Buy and Hold for 20+ years: REITs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, MSCI World, etc.

Taleb is what he has been in the business of doing since 1987. At just 27 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? years old, he made about $32M back then. Today with inflation, it could equal +$65M.

It is practically impossible for an event of that magnitude to happen again, but very similar events have happened not long ago (Covid-19).

What has changed?

Generating Income And Limiting Risk - Strategies To Create A Balanced Portfolio And Boost Income | Seeking Alpha

When Taleb was young, investing in bonds, property trusts had a very good risk-return trade-off. Today it is different. From the table above, we have that equities have historically given a 7% return, assuming an inflation of 7.5% means a loss 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? of purchasing power exposing our money to equities.

Therefore, better not to talk about government bonds, some of them with a negative yield.

This is because:

There is 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? a lot of liquidity in the markets.

Money is worthless .

Central banks have lost absolute control .

Other alternatives have emerged.

The new barbell strategy

Cryptocurrencies have given us an excellent opportunity for 'quasi-perfect' money. Obviously, you have to know how to distinguish 什麼是槓鈴策略(Barbell strategy)? the noise from the news.

For this, it is very important to understand the projects. Today we want to talk to you about Ethereum and a project that could launch ETH at $10k before the end of the year and about which we have written in great detail.

Ethereum is the money of the future , even more so now that it can become a deflationary cryptocurrency (just like Bitcoin). Taking a medium-long term view, I can't imagine a world where it hasn't been adopted, almost massively.

Also, today cryptocurrencies could fit into any part of Taleb's Barbell strategy, both the maximum risk part and the not-so-much-risk part.

The generational leap is much like the one our parents and grandparents experienced with credit cards.