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The calculation of the lot size shows that it essentially depends on the balance ratio. Your own leverage is irrelevant. Therefore, a small lot size is used and the profit is rather low.

I have been subscribed to the signal for more than 9 months, started with very low account just to test the performance. there is a difference in the % between the owner account and mine, but I'm still satisfied with the signal.

depending on your account size your lot size of each trade will be. Currently for 2022 got 25.77% but I still keep growing the account gradually.

expecting to hit 40-60% by end of year

Small account this signal isn't for you. I would recommend New 2000 signal.

Good luck to all.

If you're going to barely trade because it's the holidays (which I understand), at least lower the monthly subscription since the profit for most won't outweigh the subscription cost. Don't be greedy. You're already earning well over $15k/mo from subscriptions. Other than that, trades recently have been good. Thank you.


Für mich das beste und langfristig erfolgreichste Signal, dass es hier gibt! Trotz angezeigter Slippage von 9.59 auf meinem Konto bei Markets.com wurden in den letzten 3 Monaten stabilie Erträge von durchschnittlich 4,8% pro Monat erzielt. Leider habe ich es verpasst den EA zu kaufen, als er noch günstiger war. Vielen Dank und weiter so. :-)


I need to say that the signal is amazing, Pavel is very helpful and responsive to all your concerns in a condensed and to the point manner. Have been copying for 4 months and profits are good just as in the stats. Good luck to you Pavel and I am very glad to have found this signal. What you are doing is nothing short of incredible.

I am copying this signal for six months. Started with 3k€ and adding another 3k€ aproximatly. Six months in profit with an average of 400€/month, more than enough to 交易信号 pay signal and VPS. I have been involved in Forex for five years, 交易信号 ten more in stocks, and I have never seen before any trader with better performance than Pavel. Loses, months in red and even some year in red is pretty normal when you are investing. What Pavel is doing is crazy amazing. Even with a DD over 50%, because anyone who knows anything about Forex would understand that this is pretty normal, even more if you ar looking for those profits. So Pavel have my respect.

If you want to reduce risks, you can always withdraw 50% of 交易信号 your monthly profits until you have recovered your initial investment. Tha is, in case you are scared about Pavel to blow your account. However, over three years in profit is a good CV already, proof enough for 交易信号 交易信号 me.

I really can't understand any person complainning about this signal, they just don´t understand anything about investing.

K线与布林带的关系---买卖信号 (一)反转信号 弱市不能将K线上穿支撑线作为买入信号,而是需要将K线下趋势线穿越布林带下轨作为初步观测信号 持续信号 布林带开口之后价格向上,只要K线始终处于中轨上方,说明价格一直处于长期上升通道,如果TRIX指标同时发出持仓信号更准确 (二)信号确认步骤 1、布林. 阅读全文




在交易中抓住卖出信号,主要看K线反转形态,就很好用。但是要结合位置。位置,指的是波峰或者波谷。 想要精准的抓到波峰或者波谷,需要懂波浪理论。 波浪理论是一种基于思考和观察的理论,而K线反转形态也是基于思考和观察的用法。所以,非有耐心的人,不可掌握。 想要在金融交易中能有好的成绩,基础工夫一定要下到位. 阅读全文



这个我喜欢看日内的分时图。也就是黄白线,现价与平均价格。 比如说: 关键时点买卖法早盘和尾盘时分时战法的 2 个操作关键时 间点 1)在指数以及个股处于弱势局面,早盘放量快速拉升是对 全天上涨量能的快速过度释放,冲高之后大概率回落,因为此 时往往上方的卖出挂单较少 2) 尾盘快速拉升,这是一种资金弱. 阅读全文


买点优于卖点。 近期家里诸事繁多,无法全身心静下来花连续的三四个小时在金十刊文,实属抱歉,只能就一些比较优质正好个人也稍有擅长的课题简单分享个人经验了,希望大家理解。 期货交易,其实买点的把控是一门很高的学问,就我个人理解而言,真正难以把控的是中线单和趋势单的买点,买点的信号有很多种,但是真正优质的. 阅读全文


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Trading Systems


1. 信号和指标
2. 交易执行系统
3. 回测模组

You can get your API Token to start interacting with the API.
Using standard REST we’ll pass a ticker and our token and get back JSON:


bands = response.json()
upper = bands[0]['upper']
lower = bands[0]['lower']# Using Plotly
fig.add_trace(go.Scatter(x=date, y=upper, line_color='rgba(107, 191, 22,1)', name='Upper Band'))
fig.add_trace(go.Scatter(x=date, y=lower, line_color='rgba(214, 14, 14,1)', name='Lower Band'))


if price divided by lower band less than 5% different and price > lower band:
long $1500
if price divided by upper band less than 5% different and price < upper band:
short $1500

if position_value > 1550:
exit position
if position_value < 1450:
exit position

def indicator(ticker): # Get lower Bollinger Band
url = " https:// spawnerapi.com/bollinge 交易信号 r/ " + ticker + "/" + token
response = requests.get(url)
bands = response.json()
lower = bands[0]['lower']
moving_avg = bands[0]['average'] # get last value in list (latest band values)
lower = lower[-1]
moving_avg = moving_avg[-1] # Get real-time price quote
url = " https:交易信号 // spawnerapi.com/price/ " + ticker + "/" + token
response = requests.get(url)
price = response.json()['price'] # Return signal or no signal
if price > lower and ((price / lower)-1) < .005:
return 'buy lower', moving_avg[-1], price
return 'no signal', 'no avg', price


def submit(交易信号 ticker, quantity, profit_limit, stop_limit):

def timer():
x = True
while x==True:
print('Checking 交易信号 Signal. ')
signal, moving_avg, price = indicator('AAPL')
if signal == 'buy lower':
submit('AAPL', 5, moving_avg, (price-(price*.02)))
print("Executing Trade.")
# exit loop
x = False
print("No Signal.")
Let’s test!

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Continue trading with your style. I like it. If you keep this way of trading. Accounts will be recovered after 1 month.

Please set Sl at about 10% that will be nice.

No lo recomiendo en Absoluto. En la primera semana de copia se han realizado dos operaciones cada día, sobre la 14 horas, la mayoría contra tendencia. Solo 2 positivas con muy poca ganancia y el resto negativas. He perdido 300 euros de una cuenta real de 1000. Ya he cancelado la copia y intentare recuperar la mensualidad. Por supuesto las operaciones que aparecen en el historial de operaciones en mql5 no tienen nada que ver con las que 交易信号 se han copiado en mi cuenta. Me siento estafado.

Update July 13th: 交易信号 20% loss recovered within a month! Low DD troughout the entire process (up to 12%)

Ducs past performance shows his style has great Potential. Has a low DD and a solid recovery rate.

June 6th he closed loosing trades, committing to a 20% loss.

The day after he risked another DD of 28% from which he recovered.

Any Forex account will blow eventually, be ready to loose 100%;

Like Duc said himself in his Profile Description: syphon of money of the account in a responsible way to not end up with nothing.

At the 20% loss he manually added a stoploss. This makes me assume he doesnt have a secret SL in place but only places them when he thinks its neccesary

I put $30 on Monday (06/06/2022)to test the signal, and up to 09/06/2022, i lost all, only $1.02 remain.(Thursday), DO NOT SUBSCRIBE

Well, like the old proverb says : The past does not define the future.

The trading habits of Dao were spotless but this week it seems like having gained many subscribers to his signal added some "emotions" to his trade; or like some has suggested, maybe there is a bias to the fact that this is 0% Algo. One thing for sure, the one year downward trend on the EURUSD is part of its natural historical swings; there is a possibility that we are entering a new reversal phase for another one year rally in the opposite direction. In this time, it is better 交易信号 to be prudent more than getting emotional. In case of doubt, skip the trade, no matter how many subscribers are pushing their greed for gains.