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Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a worldwide internet exchanging stage that has offered its administrations since 2014. The “Olymp Trade” brand has a place with Smartex International Ltd., which is enrolled in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The organization has 20 mln. clients worldwide and looks to make Forex exchanging straightforward and reasonable to everybody. Exercises are managed by the International Financial Commission.

The organization offers exchanging absolutely without spread, showing just one value for each every one of the 42 resources. Aside from the cash combines, this rundown comprises of cryptographic 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 forms of money and metals.

Exchanging happens by means of a Web Platform, no compelling reason to introduce any product on your PC.

Natural interface of the stage settles on Olymp Trade an especially decent decision for fledglings. The exchanging outlines are adjustable into 4 perspectives: region, bars, Japanese candles and Heiken Ashi. For specialized investigation 19 markers are accessible.

The organization can flaunt one the most minimal market entrance costs in the business, the underlying store being just 10 USD/EUR. The 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 base exchange sum rises to 1 USD/EUR, and influence ranges from 1:5 to 1:200 contingent upon the benefit class. The influence is acknowledged in a 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 disentangled type of a Multiplier rate.

“Take Profit” and “Stop Loss”, the basic hazard the executives instruments are joined by a “Stop Out” include, which keeps 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 your misfortunes from regularly surpassing stores. Exchanging naturally stops when your contributed assets have 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 been spent.

Olymp Trade clients can open Forex positions in a demo mode – the record is free and has 10,000 battery-powered demo units on the parity. Experienced brokers have a choice to be moved up to VIP status with 2,000 USD/EUR store, and gain admittance to selective procedures, an individual record supervisor, and some different advantages.

Other exchanging terms incorporate an aggressively measured and straightforward commission for opening a position and a swap charge. For shutting no commission will be charged. The dealer has no additional costs while saving or pulling back cash – as these will be borne by Olymp Trade.

The organization offers an assortment of installment strategies: Visa and Mastercard, electronic wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 so forth., Bitcoin and nearby banks. Time of preparing a withdrawal demand is 24 hours all things considered for customary clients and a few hours for VIP clients.

Moreover, Olymp Trade gives exceptional consideration to training – dealers will discover a ton of helpful learning content on the organization site, including articles, online classes and video instructional exercises on the significant parts of exchanging.

The specialized help work area works day in and day out – multilingual group of pros, reachable 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 by means of email, telephone and live visit, will consistently be there to react expeditiously and proficiently.

The high caliber of Olymp Trade administrations has been affirmed by 6 esteemed industry grants including Show FX World Prize and Forex Expo.

Olymp Trade (OT) is centered around giving access to business sectors paying little respect to the size of the financial specialist. OT started in 2014 however now has more than 200,000 customers on their foundation month to month. OT has no concealed charges or commissions, and no expenses on stores and withdrawals.

OT offers 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 a wide scope of cash sets, wares, and trade exchanged assets to their 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 customers. OT is perceived by the two its customers and its friends as an unrivaled business administration and was the Best Trading Platform of 2018 concurring Forex Awards.下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机

OT customers exchange Forex on a cutting edge stage with adaptable devices for investigation. OT is committed to the instruction of its customers giving free instructional exercises, 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 access to proficient brokers, and other media in various dialects and 24 hours 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 every day client care in 13 dialects.

The International Financial Commission rates Olymp Trade 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 as a Category A Broker. Another model that OT genuinely trusts in giving its customers what they requirement for effective exchanging.

WIKIFX REPORT: Ronaldinho joins Olymp Trade as an ambassador


摘要:The worldwide famous football player has now joined a new team with a goal to attack the financial market


Olymp Trade, an international trading platform, is excited to launch collaboration with the football legend Ronldinho and welcome him 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 as their ambassador. Being the epitome of achievement and success, which are rooted in anticipation, instant reaction, and lightning-fast response, he bears all the qualities that also mark a good trader. Olymp Trade is certain Ronaldinho will bring a fresh and like-minded face to the trading platform as well as inspiration to its traders.

Collaboration with Ronaldinho - New Beginnings

Ronaldinho started playing football when he was seven. It 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 took him many years of everyday practice and dedication before he could become a vital member of Brazils 2002 World Cup Champion team. On his way to success, “Gaucho” built a legacy with hard work, dedication, and unrelenting belief in himself. Those qualities translated into his work and allowed Ronaldinho to pursue his greatest dream.

Just like the way of Ronaldinho, trading along the Trader‘s Way is a constant movement forward with new levels of experience, new statuses, and new opportunities for Olymp Trade’s users.The common values that the brand and the football player have is an inspiration for the traders who can begin their path to success.

“I am excited to be part of the Olymp Trade team and am looking forward to the activities we will do together. Same as in football, in the financial market you need to have skill and apply effort, but you also need to dare and grab success as it comes.” - Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Olymp Trades collaboration with Ronaldinho is indeed a new beginning for the trading platform. Having the star football player on board will help enhance public awareness about quality services that the platform provides and give its users a bright example of success and financial independence. Ronaldinho showcases that believing in yourself, being dedicated to 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 your craft, combining it with knowledge, and relentlessly pursuing your goals can unlock unlimited opportunities.

About Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a leading international online investment brokerage that provides its clients with access to trading markets, while offering a wide range of financial and fiduciary services to a substantial global and diverse audience of individual investors. Founded in 2014, the company maintains operations in over 30 countries worldwide.

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如何在 Olymp Trade 注册 如何使用电子邮件注册 1.您可以通过点击右上角的“注册”按钮在平台上注册一个帐户 。 2. 要 注册,您需要填写所有必要信息,然后单击“ 注册”按钮 输入有效的电子邮件地址。 创建一个强密码。 选择账户货币:(欧元或美元) 您还需要同意服务协议并确认您已达到.

Olymp Trade Account闲置费

Olymp Trade Account闲置费

如何从 Olymp Trade 提款

如何从 Olymp Trade 提款

通过MetaTrader 4(MT4)利用1:500 Olymp Trade交易经纪人

通过MetaTrader 4(MT4)利用1:500 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 Olymp Trade交易经纪人

如何在 Olymp Trade 中交易外汇

如何在 Olymp Trade 中交易外汇

Olymp Trade 上解释的看涨和看跌带保持烛台模式

Olymp Trade 上解释的看涨和看跌带保持烛台模式

价格条通常在图表上形成可重复的模式。交易者使用它们来预测标的资产的未来价格,以便他们可以进行交易。有些模式比其他模式更复杂。今天,我将解释仅由一根烛台组成的模式。它被称为腰带保持。它在日语中也被称为 yorikiri。 腰带保持烛台图案 被称为腰带保持的烛台图案由单个日本烛台形成。它可以在上升趋势和下降趋势中找到。它提供有关当前趋势可能逆.

如何读取 Olymp Trade 上的柴金波动率振荡器?

如何读取 Olymp Trade 上的柴金波动率振荡器?

如何在 Olymp Trade 上使用三个内部图案

如何在 Olymp Trade 上使用三个内部图案

确定价格何时从 Olymp Trade 上的支撑/阻力突破的指南以及要采取的行动

确定价格何时从 Olymp Trade 上的支撑/阻力突破的指南以及要采取的行动

在 Olymp Trade 上交易三角形模式的指南

在 Olymp Trade 上交易三角形模式的指南

交易股票不仅适合有钱人,还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易

交易股票不仅适合有钱人,还可以通过Olymp Trade进行交易

通过Olymp Trade进行股票交易 如果您对在股票市场买卖公司股票感兴趣,那么有个好消息。最近在交易平台上扩大了公司的数量。Olymp Trade股票报价的新增内容包括亚马逊,阿里巴巴,埃克森美孚等。 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 现在,在Olymp Trade平台上可以选择30多种不同的股票进行长期和短期投资。无论您是喜欢固定时间交易模式还是越来越流行的外汇模.

Мощная платформа для Форекса и Фондовых рынков

Успешный трединг начинается с удобной и фунциональной торговли.

MetaTrader 5 — лучший выбор для современного трейдера.

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Каждый месяц на сайт приходят более 7 000 000 уникальных посетителей — здесь вы найдете ответы на любые вопросы о языках MQL4/MQL5, тестировании стратегий, индикаторах, роботах и трейдинге в целом.

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Облачная сеть MQL5 Cloud Network достигла мощности в 34 000 ядер

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Equiti Group добавила 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 MetaTrader 5 в линейку предлагаемых платформ

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MetaTrader 5 увеличивает отрыв от MetaTrader 4


Saham Holding представил MetaTrader 5 на фондовой бирже Саудовской Аравии

Лучшая мультирыночная торговая платформа на Forex 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 Expo Dubai

Лучшая мультирыночная торговая платформа на Global Forex Awards

  • Пакистанская биржа PMEX начала работать 22 часа в сутки благодаря MetaTrader 5

Благодаря MetaTrader 5 пакистанской бирже PMEX 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 удалось увеличить торговое время еще на час — теперь клиенты могут совершать торговые операции 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 22 часа в сутки. В первую очередь это стало возможно благодаря встроенным в 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 платформу функциям автоматизации, которые использует бэк-офис биржи для клиринга и расчетов.

8 и 9 июня компания MetaQuotes примет участие в финансовой выставке iFX EXPO International 2022, которая пройдет в кипрском Лимасоле.

При этом компания продолжает предлагать фиксированные спреды, чтобы предоставлять клиентам больше вариантов при торговле.

MetaQuotes разрабатывает программное обеспечение и не предоставляет инвестиционных или брокерских услуг