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1. MT4交易平台提供多语言支援介面,国际认受性高
2. MT4交易平台提供追踪止损功能
3. MT4交易平台拥有30种国际流行技术指标、18种画线工具、9个交易时段选项、声音预警提示
4. 具锁仓功能
5. 使用MT4交易平台,交易手数最低0.1手
6. 使用MT4交易平台进行交易,每张订单分开显示,平仓时可以选择单独对每张订单进行平仓、部分平仓或全部平仓
1. MT5交易平台提供多语言支援介面,国际认受性高
2. MT5交易平台提供追踪止损及预警功能
3. MT5交易平台拥有超过70种技术指标、画图功能及预警功能
4. 无锁仓功能
5. MT5交易平台的交易手数最低0.1手;
6. 使用MT5交易平台,系统会自动把同方向同产品的订单加起,客户只能在平仓时选择平仓手数或全部平仓,而无法单独对每张订单进行平仓。
其次,这两款的交易平台的挂单方式也有不同,MT4交易平台常见的挂单方式有Buy Limit、Buy Stop、Sell Limit、Sell
Stop这4种,而MT5交易平台是在这4中挂单方式的基础上,在多出了Buy Stop Limit 、Sell Stop Limit这2种挂单方式。
Buy Stop Limit( 限价止损多单):这种下单方式是结合了buystop
Sell Stop Limit(限价止损空单):这种下单方式是结合了sellstop

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如果价格开始与订单背道而驰,顾问将开始根据作者的算法开立额外订单,该货币对中每个工具最多开立 10 个订单。

  1. USDCAD 时间框架:M1
  2. 1000-1500USD USDCAD USDNOK 0.02 手 AUDUSD USD NOK 0.01 手

3. Panda Hedging 只交易USDCAD/USDNOK MT4还是MT5? AUDUSD/USDNOK。信号已测试 另一种货币。未来版本中将增加额外的货币对冲

MT4 Vs MT5 – Which One is Best?

MT4 Vs MT5 – Which One is Best?

MT4 and MT5 are the trading platforms created by Metaquotes and are the most widely used platforms for trading forex, metals, and indices. But which is best? This article will discuss some of the main differences between the MT4 and MT5 platforms, so you can make a decision on which one is going to suit your trading business best.

You can get an MT4 or an MT5 download for PC from your broker. Both platforms are free to use which is great. Some of the indicators (more on this later) by third parties are slightly more expensive for the MT5 platform, although the difference is usually negligible.

The coding process is very similar, but MT5 coding has extra security in place to stop premium indicators from being decompiled, so is slightly more MT4还是MT5? complicated, hence the extra cost. So, in terms of cost, MT4 wins, MT4还是MT5? but only very slightly.

Indicators, Expert Advisors & Tools

Developers have created thousands of free and paid indicators and expert advisors to automate some or even all of your trading activities. There are more available for MT4 simply because MT4 has been around longer, but most developers who are creating new codes for the platforms are releasing both together.

Over time, MT4 is being phased out, and so you will find eventually most developers just release the MT5 version of their codes. With this in mind, the situation for third party indicators and expert advisors is pretty balanced. However, MT5 wins hands down when it comes to pre-installed tools, not for the selection, which is largely the same, MT4还是MT5? but for the ease of use. It’s easier to move drawings, click things in place, and just generally nicer to use the tools.


Support is being discontinued for MT4 from Metaquotes. This is because they are focusing solely on MT5 with the intention of eventually phasing out MT4. However, most brokers are still offering support as they get as many MT4 downloads as they do MT5. This is probably because there are a lot of people who have had their own indicators and advisors coded for MT4 and so it is still heavily used.

Mobile Access

Both MT4 and MT5 have mobile apps. They have quite similar functionality, but the charting features of the MT5 app far outweigh those of the MT4 app. For a start, it shows you with arrows where you entered and exited positions historically on the chart. This is exceptionally useful for backtesting as you can visually see which of your trades played out on the chart itself.

One thing that is preferable on the MT4 app is on the history tab, as it breaks the trades down into day and week, etc. This is useful if you just want to see today’s trades. On MT5 you MT4还是MT5? have to physically search for a date in order to view a particular day’s statistics. Despite this, the MT5 app has the edge and is a much clearer interface visually.

While both platforms have similarities, MT5 is slightly more user-friendly and has the edge over MT4.


Leverate 利瑞

在外汇平台搭建时,平台搭建商都会为您提供市场行情接收软件,最为普遍的软件便是迈达克软件公司(Meta Quotes Software Corp)发布的MT4(MetaTrader4)和MT5(MetaTrader5)了,那么问题来了,MT4与MT5具体都为外汇交易者提供了什么功能呢,而MT4与MT5的区别到底是什么呢?本文将帮您解决这些问题。

第四点,订单执行模式不同。MT4的订单执行模式是KOF(FILL OR KILL),意思就是要么订单全部成交,要么订单全部取消。而MT5则更加具有灵活性,如果使用经纪商使用的是MT5,其订单就可以一部分成交一部分取消。

Leverate 利瑞