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Why my OlympTrade verification declined?

Trading in Fixed Time Mode: A Short Cut into the World of Trading

It is really happening — Shikhar Dhawan is our official partner now! Light up your trading with the joyful energy of the star batsman.

What is Fixed Time Trading?

Fixed Time is a mode of trading on the Olymp Trade platform. Monitor the market and open trades using relevant trading assets such as stocks, metals, indices, ETFs, and others.

Select an Asset

Analyze Market Movements

Choose a Trade Amount

Set a Trade Timeframe

Easier than the trading floor.
Harder than pure luck.

Fixed Time trading doesn't require the trader to analyze the financial market in depth. That said, a trader can't rely on pure luck either.

For trading more effectively and understanding the tone of the market, it is advisable for a novice trader to explore the possibilities of the trading platform and acquaint themselves with several Olymp trade教學 popular trading strategies.

Educational Possibilities of the Platform

Economic News Overviews

Ready-to-go Trading Strategies

Webinars and Video Tutorials

It's Easy to Get Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 Started

on the platform

the interactive tutorial

Choose one
of the strategies

using a demo account

Make a deposit
and become an expert

Trade Olymp trade教學 Safely with Olymp Trade

The broker's activity is certified and insured by the international regulator FinaCom Plc.

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Olymp Trade Cuenta Demo

Únase a la plataforma de inversión en línea más popular del mundo – Olymp Trade. Aproveche su ocasión de invertir en una amplia variedad de activos utilizando instrumentos y herramientas de análisis de primera clase. Empiece con una cuenta de olymp trade demo gratuita de 10.000 dólares!

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¿Por qué invertir con Olymp Trade?

El mejor broker de la industria

Hasta un 92% de beneficio por predicción correcta

Estrategias comerciales listas para usar

Olymp Trade – $10 Mínimo depósito

Cuenta de práctica gratuita de 10 000 $

Confiado por millones de personas en todo el mundo

Revisión de Olymp Trade

olymp trade español

  • Año de fundación: 2014
  • Depósito mínimo: $ 10
  • Inversión mínima: $ 1
  • Pagos: hasta 92% para una predicción correcta
  • Instrumentos comerciales: Fixed Time Trades
  • Cuenta de demostración: Sí, sin cargo
  • Sitio web: olymptrade.com
  • Plataforma de Olymp trade教學 negociación: aplicación web, Windows, macOS, Android e iOS

Sobre Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade fue fundada en 2014 y durante este corto Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 período han conseguido tener alrededor de 30,000,000 de usuarios registrados en todo el mundo, lo que es un número verdaderamente impresionante. La plataforma de OlympTrade está disponible en más de 100 países con más de 25,000 Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 traders activos diariamente y un volumen de retirada de más de 13,000,000 de dólares mensuales, esto hace de Olymp Trade una de las plataformas más fiables y conocidas del mundo. Además, proporcionan un soporte 24/7 listo para ayudarle con cualquier consulta.

Olymp Trade es completamente distinta a sus competidores,tratando de lograr algo particular empezando por el diseño de la página web, la plataforma, y sumamente funcional. Desde sus comienzos hace unos años, OlympTrade se ha hecho un nombre entre los inversores. El broker es excelente para todos los miembros debido a su sólida plataforma y a la diversidad de activos a invertir.

olymp trade cuenta real

Regulación del broker

Olimp Trade se convirtió en miembro de la International FinaCom (Comisión Financiera) en febrero de 2016, siendo galardonado con un certificado de membresía. El papel de FinaCom Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 como tercera parte es proporcionar seguridad contra los corredores fraudulentos a los comerciantes.

Olymp Trade Demo

OlympTrade ofrece acceso inmediato a Olymp trade教學 una cuenta demo gratuita y recargable de 10.000 dólares que funciona igual que la real. Abra una cuenta demo gratuita ahora!

Olymp Trade – Instrumentos de comercio:

Operaciones a plazo fijo (Fixed Time Trades)

Olymp Trade Bonus:

Obtenga un bono de +30% de su primer depósito con el código de bono: TRADE (Periodo de validez: 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2021 )

Premios de Olymp Trade:

Mejor Broker, Broker Innovador, Mejor Plataforma de Comercio, Broker de Mayor Crecimiento y más

Olymp Trade’s Halal Accounts

Olymptrade halal account

Olymptrade halal account

Olymp Trade’s platform offers Muslim users opportunities to trade forex that meet all Islam’s requirements.

Our trading platform has attracted thousands of traders from across the globe. Users not only love our platform due Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 to its high quality standards, but we also ensure that we always meet the requirements of our customers and Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 have created a trading environment that is truly comfortable.

Olymp Trade platform accounts have been brought in line with Islam requirements, specifically for traders from Muslim countries. This makes it possible for Muslim users to learn more about business opportunities presented by the forex (foreign exchange) market.

The main reason why Muslims often don’t want to trade forex Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 is because of the common misconception that forex trading is gambling.

Trading Is Not Gambling

With gambling, every outcome depends on chance. This is not the case with forex as cash flows internationally are governed by the economy, more specifically, the laws of supply and demand. Investors don’t rely on intuition or chance, but use trading strategies that allow them to identify market conditions where they can possibly make a profit.

By using Olymp Trade’s Forex platform, Olymp trade教學 our clients are able to learn how to use common analysis tools, basic trading strategies and general forex trading principles Olymp trade教學 for free.

No Swaps

The users of the platform don’t have to pay swaps, which depend on the interest rates as defined by the country that has issued the currency’s central bank. If a position is to be kept Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 open on the platform overnight, a fixed fee is payable. This fee is known beforehand and has no link Olymp trade教學 to the interest rate of any bank. Traders therefore know the position’s total cost, even before it is opened, irrespective Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 of the level of investment horizon they set.

Real Prices and Markets

When traders execute trades in spot-markets, they are trading with real goods. As Islam bans working on contracts that involve the deferred supply of goods, e.g. futures Olymp trade教學 or forwards, our Muslim traders only work in the real market, i.e. the spot market.

Trades are executed at market prices that are determined by other users of foreign exchange markets. A chart is used to Olymp trade教學 indicate the actual value of the asset. Working with these prices fully meets Islam requirements.

Trades are not limited by Olymp trade教學 time, allowing you to make decisions on investments without having to worry about factors such as futures expiration, i.Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 e. its circulation expiring.

In Islam, opinions on trading the foreign exchange market differ. Some individual see forex as Olymp trade教學 a game, while others don’t accept participating in trading due to the close link between loan interest and currencies. The mechanisms that are used to determine whether various aspects of trading comply with Islam’s requirements are very complex. For Olymp trade教學 those who want to trade in the forex market however, Olymp Trade’s platform presents a high-quality option that meets exacting standards.

Account Verification

Today we going to talk about Olymp Trade verification. Like on every other finance service you Olymp trade教學 will need to verify your identity in order to let broker know that you is you. The verification itself will also help you not to be scammed by someone.

How to verify account?

Olymptrade account verification

Olymptrade account verification

In order to verify your account youl need to send all documents to [email protected]

  1. On the first photo you must hold your passport or ID near to your face and make selfie like that. Note that Olymp Trade wants to see your shoulders as well. Be sure that on the photo your face and passport or ID details are seen nicely.
  2. The second is photocopy of your passport or ID. Here you also will need to present clear Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 photocopy in a good quality. Make sure that all information can be readed and your photo on it is Olymp trade教學 clear as well.
  3. The third thing is you will need to send a photo/photocopy of a bank card from Olymp trade教學 which you have made a deposit. On the photo of the card itself there must be following information: Name and Surname of the owner, first 6 and last 4 digits. The rest information from the card must be closed. The reverse side of the card do not need to be shown as well.
  4. The last step Olymp trade教學 is for those who made their deposits with electronic wallets. You will need to send a photo or photocopy Olymp trade教學 of your electronic wallet account, so your wallet number will be captured. Also you will need to send a photo Olymp trade教學 or photocopy of the money transfer from that wallet to your trading account.

Withdraw money without verification?

Withdraw money without verification from Olymptrade.com

Withdraw money without verification from Olymptrade.com

Yes, you will be able to make a withdrawal without verification. However, Olymp Trade may request a verification from you. In this case you will not be able to withdraw funds until you verify your identity. By the way, you may pass the verification process before the broker requests you.

Why my OlympTrade Olymp trade教學 verification declined?

Why my OlympTrade verification declined?

Why my OlympTrade verification declined?

Your Olymptrade verification might be declined for the following reasons:

  1. The first and the most common reason if you have sent your documents in a bad quality. If broker will not Olymp trade教學 Olymp trade教學 be able to see the information from your documents, your verification will be declined.
  2. The second reason if you have sent not your documents. I mean documents of your friend or random people. Olymp Trade is a Olymp trade教學 serious financial service and I recommend to be honest with them.
  3. The last reason why your verification can be declined is if you are under legal age. All customers of this service must be over 18 years old.

Verification for USA traders

Olymptrade & Verification for USA traders

Olymptrade & Verification for USA traders

Olymp trade does not accept traders from USA. The reason for this is license which the don’t have in America. But, many people are saying that they are trying to fix that.

Verification EU traders

Verification EU traders

Verification EU traders

Olymp trade also do not accept traders from EU. The reason is the same as for USA traders, they don’t have license. Customers from all other countries except EU and USA are welcome.